The Twelve Steps to Buying Your Home

                    In Southwest Florida


1. Find out how much you can borrow

The first step before beginning you home search starts with finding out how much you can borrow as well as afford. There are two ways to do this: you can either call your lender or call a mortgage broker. He or she will be able to search the market for the best available deal and to help you maximize your borrowing power. Our agents can assist you in finding local lenders or brokers as well, just ask! You will need to get a pre-qualification letter from your bank or broker stating how much you qualify for. If you are a cash buyer, you will simply need a bank statement or proof of funds letter from your lending institution showing you have the available funds to close.

*Pinnacle Hint* If financing, get qualified with at least 2 lenders. You can compare all their estimated costs to close and save some money. Most lenders will compete for your business as well. Tell them what the other is offering and they almost always will match or beat the costs to you.